Directing patients to the most available care.


EMT and ER wait times have increased significantly over the years — compromising the care and lives of patients.

ER wait times in SF range from 2 to 4.5 hours. --Hospital Stats
'Ambulance unit and staff that are delayed in the ED are effectively out of service, decreasing advanced life support coverage in the community.' --California Hospital Association, 2014


Routed disrupts the current model for communication between EMTs and emergency departments, adopting innovative real-time technology for more efficient and effective care.

For EMTs

Know what emergency departments have open beds.
EMT product screenshot
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For Hospitals

Prepare for incoming patients with digital ringdowns.

Routed helps emergency medical personnel offer better patient care.

Ringdown form animationIncoming ringdown animation

Routed brings the communication pipeline between EMTs and emergency staff into the 21st century, providing in-bound transports with access to optimal care options and hospitals with better patient data to prepare them ahead of arrival.