Our Story

Our team was formed in February 2020 when Niels Tangherlini, EMS Operations Chief with the SFFD, reached out to Code for SF to help solve a problem he’d encountered for many years: how to help ambulances direct non-critical patients to EDs with the most availability.

Since then, we’ve worked closely with the SFFD, as well as nurses, administrators, and IT departments from local hospitals to develop a working prototype of the platform.

Today, we’re preparing to beta test the tool in the city of San Francisco.

Curious how Routed could help your city?

Meet the team

Our all-volunteer team includes software engineers, data analysts, full-stack developers, and designers with experience in patient health care records, hospitality, government services, and logistics.

Amber McBride
Bill Hoke
Data Model Lead
Britt Jensen
MVP Product Lead
Callum Leneman
Lead Product Designer
Christian Salas
Elle Wisnicki
UI/UX Support
Emily Rose Canina
User Research
Ethan Wright
Francis Li
Developer Lead
Joe Kaylor
Project Manager
John Dunning
Code Curmudgeon
Julian Mclain
Lissa Doty
Former Product Lead
Niko Booth
UX Research
Thea Kennedy
Lead Designer

Interested in volunteering? Join our Code for America meetup on Wednesdays at 6:30pm PT